Laura’s Inspiring Journey To See Taylor Swift at Anfield

Laura Mahon, 31, from Lea Green, diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumour during her pregnancy in September 2021, defied expectations to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Liverpool. 

Despite severe seizures the week prior, her husband Danny, Walton Hospital, and Clatterbridge Hospital coordinated to secure wheelchair-accessible tickets for the show. Laura, who has undergone extensive treatment and now relies on three epilepsy medications, was elated to achieve her goal. 

Laura also raised over £6,200 for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity by auctioning her original concert tickets!

She booked the tickets when they were released last July, knowing full well that the June dates were long past her ‘prognosis’ date. But the Taylor Swift date was one she kept working towards.

Laura said: “It was amazing, I’ve worked towards this goal and I was gutted when we were told I couldn’t go. I didn’t think I’d get there. I had an amazing time with Danny and I’m just so grateful, I just need to recover now and keep fighting.”

Danny added: “Laura’s health is our number one focus but due to what’s happened Laura’s been through so much, I knew how important it was to her that she’s here to see it so lets get her there.

Once we got there a person with a flag guided us to the wheelchair access, the crowd parted and we got there, I was terrified as I knew so much could go wrong but Laura was made up and I know how much she’s been going on about this.”

Danny explained that Laura has a lot of anxiety due to this, but setting goals helps her through. Laura initially auctioned off her original Taylor tickets in aid of Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, after being given accessible tickets for the Thursday show.

The fundraiser raised more than £6,200 to support local people with cancer.

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