The Difference You Make

We are Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, and together with our supporters and volunteers, we are passionate about the incredible care given at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. It’s thanks to your support that we can help to make Clatterbridge such a special place, helping our patients – young and old – get the best possible care.

Your support helps Clatterbridge to be at the forefront of cancer care

Donations to Clatterbridge Cancer Charity have funded a range of projects to help make this happen, such as bringing in new ways of treating cancer, bringing cancer care closer to patients’ homes and breaking boundaries by becoming the first in the UK to offer certain clinical trials. We constantly need to fund new ways to provide these things for our patients. With your help, we can keep Clatterbridge as a place that stays in people’s hearts.

We are so grateful to the thousands of dedicated fundraising volunteers, supporters and donors. It’s thanks to you that the Charity can support The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre so it can continue to make such a significant difference to the lives of its patients and their loved ones.

Our £5m Research Boost

Each year, around 7,000 people die from cancer in the region and this number is growing so the Charity has pledged £5m over five years to take the ground-breaking research work at Clatterbridge to the next level. This will give patients at the centre unparalleled access to new, life-saving treatments.

Improving Survival Rates

Research into pancreatic cancer survival is more vital than ever, so thanks to your donations, doctors are running a scientific trial with Clatterbridge patients to better understand treatments and how to stop the spread of the disease.

A unique approach To Palliative Care

Supporting the award-winning palliative care team at Clatterbridge to understand to understand the stages of a patients declining health, helping to make better informed decisions about how and where to care for someone at the end of their life

Taking The Stress Out Of Blood Tests

Thanks to donations, the Charity has been able to transform how blood samples are taken from patients with ‘tricky blood vessels’. These vein viewer devices mean people can have their bloods taken much closer to home.

Improving Fitness In People With Cancer

Doctors at Clatterbridge are working with patients to give one-on-one fitness coaching to help reduce fatigue, boost mental health and improve quality of life; a move that they feel could revolutionise cancer treatment.

The Healing Power Of Art

The Charity offers a range of creative activities, artwork and performances, including a partnership with the Liverpool Philharmonic to help reduce stress, provide distractions and help support people during their time at Clatterbridge.

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