A Podcast Journey through Cancer Treatment

Listen to the personal stories and reflections of Alex, Mel and Luke - three young people who are currently or have recently finished receiving cancer treatment

In 2022, FACT began a new partnership with The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre led by FACT’s learning team. This collaboration invites artists to collaborate with young people and staff at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, to create artworks that delve into contemporary issues and draw from lived experiences.

Through a series of workshops, Tom and Maeve introduced their artistic approach centred on facilitating rest, promoting active listening, and exploring innovative sound techniques. This allowed the participants to shed their preconceptions of what a podcast might be and to embrace the techniques found in experimental sound art.

As you tune in, you’ll encounter a fusion of distorted sounds from the ward interwoven with the voices of the young people. They capture candid conversations during routine procedures like blood pressure checks, reflect on experiences such as finding the right hair salon to shave your head, and recount poignant moments, including their involvement in outdoor charity events. The podcast concludes with an energetic segment showcasing their newfound DJ and audio skills with a catchy remixed bop about Crocs!

This podcast served as an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in artistic and creative practices while also sharing personal stories and exchanging experiences. It underscores the significance of storytelling in relation to wellbeing and provides a new space for Alex, Mel, and Luke to share their unique perspectives on their own terms.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Arts in Health programme offers a range of creative activities and performances for patients as well as a collection of artwork to enhance the environment of our centres.

Our Arts Programme has been made possible through kind donations to Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.

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