How Ella’s Cartwheels are Making a Difference

Meet Ella, a shining start with a heart of gold!

During the first week of April, Ella embarked on a mission that captured the hearts of many. Her goal? To complete 50 cartwheels each day, leading up to her nanny’s birthday. By the end of the week, she would have conquered an impressive 350 cartwheels! It’s not just about the physical feat; it’s about the love and dedication behind it.

Ella’s motivation stems from a deep desire to honor her nanny, whom she didn’t have the opportunity to spend much time with before her illness. Despite this, Ella’s mother, Claire, shared that Ella’s admiration for her nanny was immense. She described her nanny as an amazing lady whom Ella would have loved to spend every day with. It’s this sentiment that fueled Ella’s determination to take on the challenge, not only because she loves cartwheels but also because she wanted to make a difference.

“I never got to spend much time with my nanny before she got poorly, but my mum has told me lots about her, and she sounds like an amazing lady who I would have loved to spend every day with. This is what made me want to do this challenge, not only because I love cartwheels, but because I want to raise money and help give back to the people who looked after her when she wasn’t well, as well as every other person with cancer,” Ella expressed.

Her mom, Claire, couldn’t contain her pride. “Ella’s determination is truly inspiring. Even when I tell her to walk, she insists on cartwheeling – ‘Why walk when you can cartwheel?’ she says!” Claire shared.

Ella’s enthusiasm didn’t just stop at completing cartwheels; it sparked a wave of generosity and support from the community. Through her efforts, Ella raised a remarkable £518

If you’re inspired by Ella’s story and want to embark on your own challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out. Whether it’s cartwheeling or another challenge, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Get in touch with us at 0151 556 5566 or email [email protected]. Together, let’s make a difference, just like Ella.

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