Providing the latest in medical equipment

Supporting clinical colleagues to develop the latest advances in cancer treatment and technology which can transform how people with cancer are cared for. 

The Charity also helps to fund the digital environment that makes such a difference to patients, such as state of the art bedside entertainment systems. 

The equipment funded by the charity is so varied and also includes items such as scalp cooling systems which can help some patients retain their hair, which reduces anxiety and increases self esteem.

'Vein viewers' take the stress out of blood tests

The giving of blood samples becomes a very regular part of life for almost all cancer patients as it helps doctors and nurses a deeper understanding of the biology of what is happening inside a patient. It’s never pleasant but it becomes a regular part of treatment.

For some patients however this becomes a problem. Sometimes a person has blood vessels which are difficult to locate, which means they frequently have to make the journey to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Liverpool, to have a 15 minutes blood draw.

Thanks to a generous donation from a supporter in Ormskirk has changed. The Charity has now provided eight “vein viewer” devices which will be in use across the entire Clatterbridge network – meaning that patients with tricky blood vessels will hopefully be able to have their treatment at a clinic much closer to home. The new devices are already in constant use and very popular with our clinic staff!

The device has proved so popular that many NHS Trusts throughout the UK are following our lead.

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