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There is no better way to show your support for the life-saving work of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre than by wearing our charity pin badges. Featuring the classic Clatterbridge Cancer Charity logo, these green pin badges are ideal for accessorising clothes and bags. They also make a superb present. You can even attach them to greetings cards or gift bags to give to friends and family.

Helping us lead the way in cancer care

The simple act of purchasing our charity pin badges contributes to the vital work of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. For example, you help us to pay for groundbreaking research, including the development of new drugs such as the cancer vaccines that we specialise in.

Your money also helps us to make our treatment centres the best they can possibly be to support patient wellbeing and recovery. From giving us the resources we need to create calm, welcoming spaces, to providing us with the funds to put on special arts activities including music performances and workshops, your support is making a real difference to cancer patients.

You are also making it possible for us to access the very latest technology. As just one example, your donations helped to pay for ‘The Phenocycler’, a cutting-edge research tool that assists doctors in deciding which immunotherapy treatments to use.

Together, we can help The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to do incredible things.

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As well as buying our fantastic charity pin badges, you can support us by purchasing the other items available in our online shop, including everything from our charity T-shirts to wristbands.


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