Amy Turner

"Clatterbridge is a very special place, staffed by very special people."

In May 2018, I was given the devastating news that I had Cervical Cancer. At just 43 years old, and with a little girl who was about to turn 4 years old this was a huge, and unexpected blow. I can still remember being told about my diagnosis, and it almost felt as though time itself had stopped. I remember feeling very numb, and the severity of the it hit me in waves. Telling my parents was incredibly difficult; I remember feeling nervous because I knew how crushed they would feel. Whilst many of my friends and family responded differently to the news, often people didn’t know what to say.

Within no time at all I met my wonderful consultant, and the most effective treatment plan was discussed and arranged and throughout this, my wishes were taken in to consideration. As my cancer had spread to my lymph node, I underwent daily Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Brachytherapy. I was warned that although it was the most effective, it would be a very heady mixture of treatments, and because I was given every single treatment date and time in advance, I was able to continue working when I felt able, which also helped me keep a sense of normality with my home life.

Everyone at Clatterbridge is incredibly kind and helpful beyond words. From the minute you step foot in the hospital, you feel as though you are in the best hands which is extremely reassuring whilst you’re going through a tumultuous and challenging time. The communication between staff is excellent, and it means you never have to worry about anything besides showing up and getting better, whilst behind the scenes the staff are working hard to make sure everything goes to plan. Nothing was ever too much trouble, from unscheduled night stops when I took ill to an almost instant turnaround on my blood tests so that I could continue with my Chemotherapy. No matter how busy the staff were, they would always stop to talk to me and reassure me.

Supporting the Charity is one way I can say thank you and give something back to those that supported me and helped me. This year I am supporting the Fairy Appeal, as 2020 has been a challenge for so many. Cancer services have been affected across the UK and it’s more important than ever to help. I hope that all Clatterbridge patients and their loved ones will be able to receive the wonderful care and support that I did. It’s thanks to the incredible work that Clatterbridge does that I was able to be given the all clear in just 8 months and now, further down the line I am excited to celebrate another Christmas with my little girl, my family and my friends. Clatterbridge is a very special place, staffed by very special people and donating to this year’s Fairy Appeal means that they can continue their wonderful life-saving work, for which I will be eternally grateful for.

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