James Catlow

"Clatterbridge provided the best care throughout my treatment journey, keeping my spirits up during some very difficult times."

A huge thank you to the amazing James who’s signed up to our BBQ celebrations this May!

James was treated at Clatterbridge after being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma in May 2018, a rare primary bone cancer growing from his rib. James said “it was such a frightening and traumatic time, but walking in to Clatterbridge, along with my family and girlfriend, we immediately felt some hope, positivity and reassurance on meeting my oncologist Dr Ali, and the nursing team.

There were so many staff involved in my treatment along the way, whether that was overseeing my treatment, having a scan, routine tests, delivering my chemo, going to the shop, or support needed – they all showed such care and understanding, making every effort to make the process as bearable as possible, with plenty of humour along the way!”

Over the course of 15 months, James underwent 14 cycles of chemotherapy, staying as an inpatient on our Teenage and Young Adult Unit and also flew out to Jacksonville, Florida for pioneering proton beam therapy and radiotherapy. The final stage of James’ treatment concluded with a 7 hour operation to remove his bottom 3 ribs.

James said; “Clatterbridge provided the best care throughout my treatment journey, their dedicated staff always so cheerful, positive and upbeat, keeping my spirits up during some very difficult times. It is a very special place and I will always be grateful to them.

I am doing really well since recovering, I am closely monitored, but have returned to work, playing tennis, walking and some normality again. My experiences as a patient have inspired me to give back in any way possible, so my family and girlfriend and I are happy to be supporting the Clatterbridge Charity’s Big Birthday BBQ this May.”

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