Why our Charity Lottery is vital for local communities

With over 100,000 individuals living with cancer in our region, the need for support and resources is vital in making a real difference in our communities. With your help, Clatterbridge Cancer Charity can fund life-saving research and innovations in care, provide the best in medical equipment, support patients and their families and create a peaceful and welcoming environment across The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

Supporting local people with cancer

By playing our Weekly Lottery, you are directly providing this much-needed support to individuals during their time at Clatterbridge. Over £14,000 has been raised by our lottery players in the last 16 months to aid those affected by cancer – with approximately 7,000 people losing their lives to cancer each year in the area, the Charity’s commitment of £5m over 5 years is essential for providing necessary support and care.

On top of this, the Charity has developed an extraordinary Arts Programme, including partnerships with Liverpool Philharmonic and FACT Liverpool, which aim to reduce stress, offer distractions, and provide much-needed support to individuals during their time at Clatterbridge.

Find out more about how your support supports the 1 in 2 of us with cancer.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity Weekly Lottery brings people together to support those in need. Not only do you have the chance to win £1,000 every week but you also contribute to a cause that directly benefits your neighbours and loved ones.

How to play our weekly lottery

Step 1 -

Simply click ‘Play Now’ below.

Step 2 -

Complete your payment details and submit your entry to be processed.

Step 3 -

Sit back and relax. Your membership and lottery numbers will be communicated to you automatically.

Weekly lottery tickets cost just £1 each and each unique lucky ticket number is automatically allocated to you. The draw takes place every Friday, with the winning numbers being selected by an external lottery bureau.

When you win a prize in the lottery, there is no need to claim as we send you a cheque in the post automatically.

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