Supporting young people with cancer

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can turn anyone’s life upside down, but this disruption is perhaps felt most keenly amongst young people, who can be isolated by their diagnosis. Often their friends don’t understand what they are going through and it’s a time of life when feeling ‘different’ can have a huge effect. 

Thanks to your support, Clatterbridge Cancer Charity was able to fully fund the creation of a dedicated Teenage & Young Adult Unit at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, along with ongoing support. 

The Charity is delighted to fund a weekly lunch club and a series of opportunities and events through the year for young people to help offer eachother social and emotional support; which are vital to their development through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. 

From football matches, to zoo trips, spa days and even participating in a podcast with FACT Liverpool, each event is tailored to provide young people with various fun and engaging activities and a safe space to explore their diagnosis alongside other young people who have gone through a similar experience to them.

It’s thanks to your support that we can do this. 

The healing power of art

Funded by donations, the Charity offers a range of creative activities, performances and artwork for patients, through the Arts in Health programme at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

There is a huge body of evidence which shows the benefits of engaging with art whilst undergoing cancer treatment and for this reason the charity is very proud to fund Clatterbridge’s entire arts programme each year.

Arts coordinator Sam Wade: “the funding of arts activity in the hospital makes a huge difference for patients. It’s not uncommon to now find musicians from the Liverpool Philharmonic playing our fantastic piano in the hospital reception or sitting with patients in waiting area and simply playing them a song on clarinet or flute. They also lead music workshops for patients who are staying in hospital, all of which reduces patients stress, provides distraction and even improves their treatment – patients who engage with the arts report less pain than the patients who don’t!”

The charity is very proud to fund this work, including partnerships with FACT Liverpool, Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Bluecoat alongside a range of with poets, artists and sculptors.

Small things that make a huge difference

It’s not just the huge life-changing innovations that we fund at Clatterbridge, did you know that we also provide some of the smaller touches that have a big impact? 

Items such as massage guns which can enable some patients to manage their pain and relieve muscular aches, reducing the need for prescribed drugs. 

Even small items like a special ‘360 degree’ toothbrush which are an effective way for very sick patients to look after their own oral care. 

It’s items like these make a vital difference to patient care, including less time in hospital, relieving anxiety and helping recovery.

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